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Advertise your trademe listings

It is great to put your products for sale on trademe but what about all those  potential buyers who are not browsing on trademe every day and might miss out? 

Imagine you could advertise or publish all your auction/listings in the news papers or anywhere and let the whole world know about your auction/listings?

Go2trademe is a new and unique marketing tool that provides you with a re-direction URL that will instantly direct your customers to your trademe listing(s) and therefore bypassing all your competition.

It is the old saying...... The more you tell....... The more you sell


How does it work?

For example click on the following redirection URL www.Go2trademe.co.nz/knives

As you can see you are directed to all the listings of this knife business on trademe.

The potential and application of this tool is endless.

Make sure you secure your unique re-direction URL before your competition walks away with it.

Examples of Shortcode URL's still available:




The applications how you can use the re-direction URL are infinite, we give you a couple of examples.

Include the  re-direction URL in your advertisement in the news paper


Add the re-direction URL to your for sale sign for (house, car boat etc)


Write the re-direction URL on a banner behind an airplane  

How much does it cost?

For $ 4.95 per listing we provide you with a tool to attract more people to your listing(s) and it is highly likely that your your final listing price will end up much higher.

Even one extra bidder may result in a dramatic higher outcome.

Can you afford not to get the most out of your listing(s)?


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The more you tell....... The more you sell